Six models – one common goal: The fusion of genuine luxury and technical expertise is a feature of every environmentally-friendly Marian electro-boat.


M 800

Marian’s new flagship has now arrived! The Marian M 800 sets new standards in waterborne dynamics and design sophistication. The hull was specially designed to give the highly efficient electrically-powered boat even greater range and further optimise its top speed.

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M 800 Spyder

The Marian M 800 Spyder is the bowrider version of our successful flagship. To create even more space for the passengers, the foredeck was completely redesigned.

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Laguna 760

A top-class electro-yacht: Timeless, elegant design is blended with high-performance technology along all 7 metres of this craft — to produce a top speed of 53 km/h.

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Capriole 700

The cabin of your Capriole 700 electro-yacht can seat three to four people, and can easily be transformed into a comfortable sleeping area if required.

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Magic 640

The ideal layout of the cockpit, sunbathing surface and swim platform produces a stylishly designed electro-yacht measuring 6.40 metres in length, and great waterborne dynamism.

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Delta 600

Environmentally friendly action on all inland waters! The Delta 600 electro-yacht is a perfect blend of sophisticated design and refined technology.

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Eclipse 580

Intelligent design with numerous practical details. The Eclipse 580 is the perfect electro-boat for stylish connoisseurs.

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Benefits of electrically-powered boats
Green motion

We need to start thinking about tomorrow – today, if we are to make sure we leave following generations a world worth living in. Marian Boats is making its own contribution with pioneering developments in the field of E-mobility. Our yachts are driven by environmentally friendly electric motors that directly compete with conventional combustion engines. Moreover, our efforts also show there are more sensible and efficient alternatives to fossil fuels.

100% emission-free means no CO2, no carbon monoxide, no nitrogen
Just plug in and recharge.
There’s no need for petrol canister refills, and electro-boats don’t release oil or used fuel – so the lakes remain clean.
Silence! Electric engines don’t generate much noise, either.
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