Delta 600

Power and elegance
13 km/h
Top speed
8 kW
Motor power
21 kW/h
Battery capacity

Timeless design, sophisticated finishing and ultra-modern technology all come together in the Delta 600 – a boat that offers supreme luxury. The smooth-running electrically-powered boat can be fitted with an engine from 4.3 to 8kW for environmentally friendly boating enjoyment on all inland bodies of water.

Exquisite materials

The exquisite standard equipment on board the Marian Delta 600 includes a steering wheel made of refined mahogany, a stainless-steel control lever and onboard computer control panel displays showing engine performance and battery power levels.

Plenty of space for unforgettable moments

The cockpit features a stow-away soft-top roof and enough space for up to six people.

Delta 600 von Marian Boote
Delta 600
Delta 600
Form and function

The shape of the boat’s bodywork was developed in cooperation with a test institute for watercraft design in Vienna. The result: excellent handling and performance, an extraordinary amount of space and a long-range electric motor.

Unique custom-built boats

Each Delta 600 is hand-crafted and unique: Colour, equipment, materials, custom rebuilds and build-ins are all possible.

Large amount of space with seating for up to six passengers
Inviting extra-large sunbathing deck
All features finished with premium-quality materials
Calculate the range
Travel time in hours
Range in kilometers
Max. speed ​​in km/h

Range depends on the specific conditions on every trip. Actual range and speed can be reduced by additional loads, wind, current, the pilot’s driving style, as well as by the age and condition of batteries, engine and propeller. All ranges have been calculated for an available battery capacity of 80%.

Delta 600
Technical specs
6,00 m
Overall length
6,35 m
2,15 m
1.000 kg upwards
Motor power
4,3 kW - 8 kW underfloor drive
AGM or lithium batteries
CE certification
D (sheltered waters)
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