M 800

Power and elegance
70 km/h
Top speed
200 kW
Motor power
120 kW/h
Battery capacity

The new flagship of the Marian brand: The M 800 is the result of intensive development work. In recent years, boat designers and technical specialists for electric motors have worked closely together to create a revolutionary electric yacht that is characterized by new driving characteristics. The shape of the electric yacht is unique: components that blend harmoniously create a masterpiece of boat building.


Finest materials and exclusive styling

The Marian M 800 combines precision with elegance. The selected leather, the particularly high-quality materials and the perfect craftsmanship impressively reflect our high quality standard. When developing the M 800, not only space was thought in mind, but great value was placed on every detail.

An electric boat with elegance and performance

Each Marian M 800 is made by hand and is therefore unique: colors, accessories, materials and equipment can be individually customized. Teak on the foredeck and on the floor as well as elegant fittings make the electric boat an elegant piece of jewelry on the water.

Progressive design

The Marian M 800 sets new standards in design and driving dynamics. The highly efficient electric boat has a longer range thanks to a specially developed hull. Modern lithium batteries and powerful drive technology enable an impressive driving experience.

Design & Awards

The Marian M 800 Spyder is the ultimate in design and driving dynamics. The hull specially developed for the series guarantees maximum efficiency and range, the newly designed front deck extends the space available, and the driving experience is always impressive thanks to powerful drive technology and the latest lithium batteries.


Calculate the range
Travel time in hours
Range in kilometers
Max. speed ​​in km/h

Range depends on the specific conditions on every trip. Actual range and speed can be reduced by additional loads, wind, current, the pilot’s driving style, as well as by the age and condition of batteries, engine and propeller. All ranges have been calculated for an available battery capacity of 80%.

M 800
Technical specs
7,90 m
2,50 m
1.300 kg upwards
Motor power
60 kW, 100 kW, 125 kW, 150 kW shaft drive
Lithium Batterien up to 125 kWh
CE Certification
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