April 2024
New Era of Electromobility on Water: ABT | Marian M 800-R

ABT Sportsline and Marian, the Austrian specialist for electric yachts, proudly present their first electric sports boat: The ABT | Marian M 800-R. This luxury boat, limited to only 20 units, impresses with a power output of up to 450 kW and reaches top speeds of 85 km/h.


Hans-J├╝rgen Abt from ABT Sportsline and Ion Marian from Marian Yachts emphasize the combination of craftsmanship, innovation, and technological advancement of both companies.


The M 800-R is based on the Marian M 800 Spyder and features a hull specially optimized for electric drives, allowing a range of 80 kilometers in Cruise Mode. It is powered by a 250 kW electric motor, supported by a lithium-ion battery with fast charging capabilities.

The boat offers various driving modes, including an ABT MODE for maximum performance and a PORT MODE for safe maneuvering in harbors. Other highlights include Alcantara seats, an illuminated multifunction steering wheel, and a 12-inch display with GPS and echo sounder.

The ABT | Marian M 800-R is manufactured in Austria and will be presented for the first time on April 26 in Monaco.


Visit www.abt-marian.com for more information.




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