Jänner 2024
LIFT: Marian M800 shines in the Netflix spotlight!

Marian conquers Netflix!


In May 2022, a team of top actors familiarizes themselves with operating our Marian M800 at Miramare Castle in Trieste. Everything is set for the filming of the Netflix series “LIFT” – an action thriller exclusively airing on Netflix on January 12, 2024.For the chase scenes in the film, the esteemed Hollywood director F. Gary Gray personally chose our M800 due to its unique and luxurious design.


What makes our Marian M800 so popular in TV and feature film productions?


In the Netflix production “LIFT” with first-class actors like Kevin Hart, hand-picked by director Gary W, exclusive film locations were carefully selected in advance.
One of these selected sites was the majestic Miramare Castle along the coastline in Trieste. The special feature of this filming location is that the sea area around the castle is a nature reserve, which means that conventional combustion engine boats are not permitted there.
Only electric-powered boats have access to this area from the sea. In addition, the fact that our M800 has a unique and eye-catching design among electric yachts played a decisive role in its selection for the exclusive Netflix production “LIFT”.


We are eagerly awaiting the debut of the series on Netflix. It is with great pride that we were personally chosen by Gary W. to be part of the production.


Check out “LIFT” on Netflix January 12th and let us know how stylish our boat appears in the film!


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