Mai 2023
Pilart Air X Marianboats

Pilart Air X MarianboatsĀ 


We are delighted to announce an exciting collaboration that brings together the best of two thrilling worlds: luxurious aviation and high-quality electric boats. Pilart Air, a young Austrian aviation company currently operating a fleet of 4 Pilatus PC12 NG(X) aircraft, will partner with Marian Boats, a leading Austrian manufacturer of luxury electric boats, to develop innovative transportation solutions that offer luxury, comfort, and sustainability


Gabriel Marian:

Junior Manager Marianboats


”We are thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration with Pilart Air, bringing together the best of two fascinating worlds: luxurious aviation and high-quality electric yachts. To deepen our partnership, we will soon release a joint content production featuring the M800 Spyder.”


Dominki Haas:

COO / Pilot Pilatus PC12


”Pilart Air, a young Austrian aviation company, is proud to enter into a partnership with a family-owned business that has been established in the DACH region for 20 years. By merging our resources and expertise, we will be able to realize a wide range of joint events, innovative projects, and high-quality content productions. These initiatives will enable us to effectively convey the fascination and exclusivity of our products and services to our overlapping target audience. We look forward to creating unique experiences that delight our customers and invite them to explore and enjoy the seamless connection between luxurious aviation and top-notch electric yachts.”


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